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The SE Training Academy Experience 

Developing Excellence On & Off the Field 



Due to COVID-19, our camp is postponed until January, 2021

Dates to be announced.





Striker Elite Soccer Academy

Striker Elite is not a soccer club, but an exclusive training academy for players seeking to take their game to the next level. Our student trainees come to SE seeking next level training to improve their individual game outside of their club team, aspire to play college or professional soccer or simply want to be a standout on their club team. 

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2014, Striker Elite LLC has expanded into a full-blown operation, training hundreds of players in Phoenix, Las Vegas and St George, Utah. 

Do you want to find another level to your Game? Are you tracking your progress? Are you seeking additional training outside of your club team? The modern game of soccer is changing.  We can help you!

Striker Elite Soccer - Phoenix, Arizona

Expanding Our Footprint

We are excited to announce that our new headquarters for Striker Elite, LLC is Phoenix, Arizona.  "This is a very exciting time for us. This is an important milestone for our team and we could not more proud and excited for the future of SE!"

"Our success is a testament to the perseverance we instill in Striker Elite student trainees.  Our methods work. Simple. It’s about relationships, learning who you are and helping you become the best version of yourself, no matter what. Here at SE, we are family. We are encouraging, protective, and give more than soccer and wisdom...we truly care about our trainees and their families."

"It's more than just a game.  We will help inspire, educate, and support players in achieving their dreams. We are committed to developing our trainees and impacting lives for the better."










"I could not more enthusiastically recommend George and top level training through Striker Elite.  His knowledge and passion for the development of the whole player (mental toughness, decision making, speed of play, execution) is incredible AND he makes intense work and reps fun.  This week was awesome for our daughter, but also great to watch and learn tips and drills to support Kaitlyn in further developing her creativity and power on the field. We are already checking the calendar for a trip to Phoenix this winter! Thank you George Nahorski!"  ~Amy Riley, parent

The minute I saw Caitlin Radomski, I knew there was something special last fall! She is now playing up an age group with Phoenix Rising (04) and will have opportunities with the ECNL squad. 

I’ve asked her to dig deep and think about who she wants to become. Her daily habits are the direct result of her success. She’s climbing her way up! We continue to train, both on and off the pitch. I am so excited for what the future holds for Caitlin! 

College coaches, keep your eyes out for this 2005 baller!

Development is more than just technical or tactical, it is physical and psychological. We need to train smarter to play smarter.

"We can’t thank you enough for your positive influence on her.  Every time I ask her about her sessions lately, it’s always a positive response.  “Sooo good” and “fun” are what I hear the most.  I have never seen her so energized and focused about soccer.  With her club, she would have 3 practices a week and sometimes have 3 different coaches.  Some girls were losing interest.  It  was getting frustrating for her.  We are thankful for you pushing her and bringing our the best in her.  We can see her confidence growing and the best thing is that she is having FUN!!! ~ Scottsdale, AZ Parent

"George is one of the most effective trainers i’ve ever worked with. He pushes me to work my hardest on and off the field. His training has helped make my game more dynamic. Along with being fun, George has helped me gain confidence to believe in myself. I can see improvements made within the past couple of months. I can always count on him to give me solid soccer advice."

Skye McMillon, Washington State University Women's Soccer

Amanda Galbraith, Future Women's Pro Soccer Player

“SE Soccer Academy is the real deal for taking your game and training to the level that most others aren't.  Kudos to Coach George for sharing his passion to develop the player as a whole and sincerely guiding them through the process.” ~ Emily Francone, parent

“From the very first day we met George, he has shown compassion, knowledge and instinct when training with my daughter. George understands soccer inside and out. What is even better is that he knows how to work with players and identifies what to do to improve their game. George is keenly aware on what each player needs to do in order to advance his/her skills. He believes in each and every player. That shows when the player’s confidence begins to soar on and off the soccer field. George is an excellent trainer and coach. I would highly recommend Striker Elite for any player ready to take their game to the next level.” ~Brenda Hanlon, parent




Striker elite - Phoenix, Arizona

"Our methods work. Simple. It’s about relationships, learning who you are and helping you become the best version of yourself, no matter what." -Coach George

"In everything we do in life, we can control our awareness and energy. Bring the highest level of both and you will be successful."

Striker Elite - St. George, Utah

Striker Elite Affiliate


Elite Player Development - Break the Barrier. 


Never, ever give up! Just do You! 2007 baller, Niyema Romero

It’s more than just a game! 

We must place the player first. Commit to developing them to their fullest potential, instill a love for the game, skyrocket their confidence & impact their lives for the better. 

Don't destroy someone because of their struggle. Being a coach, a trainer, a mentor...the position is to be used to impact lives and teach about things regarding the game but those who take the role seriously know that the instructions are for way more than just this game....they are ones they take into life. What are you leaving them with?

Striker Elite 3 C's
The Core of a Champion: Confidence, Consistency, Character

We were created with an intention to teach the fundamentals as well as instill a strong work ethic in all of our players. We aim to do this through high intensity drills that translate into realistic game play. We don’t simply teach moves; we also teach why each move, drill or skill is effective to help all of our players gain a deeper understanding of the game. We invest in our student trainees, provide player consultation and mentoring, assist you in our college advisory program, creating sessions specifically for you. Our methods work. Simple. It’s about relationships, learning who you are and helping you become the best version of yourself, no matter what. 

Building elite players of the highest technical skill and character. 


Where There’s a Will: A Look at Striker Elite

Where There’s a Will: A Look at Striker Elite

Striker Elite Soccer Academy - Where There’s a Will: A Look at Striker Elite

Where There’s a Will: A Look at Striker Elite

“My true satisfaction comes from the kids. They keep me going and give me more ideas. Their success lights a fire underneath and a passion that I throw back at them in training,” Nahorski says
News: Girls Soccer Network

Training Session with D1 Commit

SpineFit AZ Official Sponsor for Striker Elite

By Striker Elite, LLC 07/01/2020, 11:30am PDT

We would like to welcome SpineFit Chiropractic & Rehabilitation as our official sponsor! 

Dr. Dane Kohl is the owner SpineFit AZ. His office is located inside Arizona Sports Chiropractic and Wellness. A former soccer player, with a son in our program; SpineFit AZ is the perfect partner for our soccer family and the soccer community. 

Please visit their website to learn more at:

If you are at a session, please say Hello and give a warm welcome to Dr. Dane Kohl and his lovely wife, Bobbie!

Thank you Dane and Bobbie Kohl and SpineFit AZ! 

George & Tracy
Striker Elite, LLC

Riobol Partnership

By Striker Elite, LLC 07/01/2020, 8:00am PDT

Striker Elite is excited to announce our partnership with Riobol. 

Save 20% using code: strikerelitesoccer

Their mission is every child deserves a place to play. A portion of the profits from every riobol sold goes towards building soccer parcs in the poorest communities.

Instinctive ball control is the necessary foundation for that confidence and creativity. Not having to think of how you are going to control the ball - mindless control - allows the rest of the processing unit (read: brain) to observe, calculate and react. RIOBOL is simply the best tool we have come across for building that kind of control.


Elevate Functional Health - St. George, Utah Offical Sponsor

By Striker Elite, LLC 05/01/2020, 5:30pm PDT

We would like to welcome Elevate Functional Health as our St. George, Utah affiliate Official Sponsor! 

Dr. Tyler Comer is the Owner of Elevate Functional Health.  They provide chiropractic care from pain relief to performance enhancement to prevention.

Please visit their Facebook Page to learn more at:


Ellie Holm juggling the Riobol

Such a privilege to work with some of the best ballers in the U.S. 


Amanda Leiva - Miami, FL

Emily Wiggins - Oak Hills, CA

Kailee Chavez - Hawaii, ODP



Featuring Special Guests: Alfredo Sainz and James Jaramillo



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