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Striker Elite Soccer Academy Testimonials

Congratulations to Jewel for her commitment to play Division 1 soccer at University of North Carolina Asheville!

This kid...she came to me a year ago and I feel it's fair to say, she was frustrated. A lot of this game and life, is mental. That's almost always the biggest struggle. We worked on her confidence and her mindset during sessions. I worked her...HARD! And she kept coming back for more, hungrier and more determined than ever! She pushed through and trusted the process. The young lady she is, inside and out, is incredible and I couldn't be more proud of who she is becoming.! Today, she committed to D1......

I want to thank you for hosting the 2021 Father’s Day clinic. Adamari loved it, it was a bit too hot but she enjoyed going out that morning.  On the drive home we talked about the session. Fist thing she said was that she loved the way you Coached. 

This week she continued with her summer camp with FC Arizona and attended a practice with Arsenal. All week she implemented the skills you taught at your clinic.  It was beautiful watching her move and shoot. It was cute to see her with a huge smile after practice knowing she used her new set of skills. 

I know she’s only been out for  one session but that one session meant a lot to her.   Not only did she improve but she had confidence. 

Thank you, your coaches and the girls that came out that day, it made my Father’s Day weekend feel extra special.

Jake S -parent



"I could not more enthusiastically recommend George and top level training through Striker Elite. His knowledge and passion for the development of the whole player (mental toughness, decision making, speed of play, execution) is incredible AND he makes intense work and reps fun. This week was awesome for our daughter, but also great to watch and learn tips and drills to support Kaitlyn in further developing her creativity and power on the field. We are already checking the calendar for a trip to Phoenix this winter! Thank you George Nahorski!"

Amy Riley,  parent (Reno, NV)

Maddie Little with Carli Lloyd, 2018 Pro Camp

Never change, Carli Lloyd! She is real, she is humble...reflective, thoughtful, insightful, determined, tenacious, honest, motivational, and inspirational. The Littles are cheering for you hard from Las Vegas!

The Striker Elite Soccer Winter Campers were provided the very unique privilege of getting an insiders view into the mindset and habits of a USWNT legend, and captain, while she prepares for what is likely her final World Cup campaign... and it was anything but a canned speech. Her personal trainer for the past 15 years, Coach Galanis, introduced her by teaching the trainees about his Five Pillars of a Champion training methodology, and was very blunt about where Carli was deficient when she started with him. He instructed the girls about the necessary traits to succeed at higher levels, including the willingness to sacrifice and suffer...

Then, the trainees and their parents were able to ask Carli literally any question they had! What was so refreshing was that Carli took each question seriously, and provided a thoughtful and meaningful response. In fact, most of her answers contained brutal honesty, helping the kids understand just how difficult the pathway can be - but she was not discouraging to the youth, rather, she was real and provided personal insight on adversity and mindset required for how to overcome. 

I hope my young girls internalized something from this peak into the mindset required to achieve greatness, applicable to anything in life. There was no sugar coating, only honest explanation about the demands and expectations when it comes to performing at higher levels, and how much work it requires of an individual to become and maintain a high level at anything. 

So a genuine thank you to Striker Elite Soccer, Coach Galanis and Carli Lloyd for giving back and providing to our youth this priceless insight and motivation!

Seth Little, Little Law Group
Las Vegas, NV

“From the very first day we met George, he has shown compassion, knowledge and instinct when training with my daughter. George understands soccer inside and out. What is even better is that he knows how to work with players and identifies what to do to improve their game. George is keenly aware on what each player needs to do in order to advance his/her skills. He believes in each and every player. That shows when the player’s confidence begins to soar on and off the soccer field. George is an excellent trainer and coach. I would highly recommend Striker Elite for any player ready to take their game to the next level.”

Brenda Hanlon, Minneapolis MN parent

"George coached my daughter's youth soccer team for several seasons. He brings a perfect blend of playing to win and playing for fun. We've had a lot of coaches over the years, and George is absolutely one of the best. His knowledge and passion for the game is fantastic. His experience as a D1 player also gives him a great perspective that he shares with youth players. On a personal note (which may be more important than anything else I've said) is that George is a GREAT guy - he cares about the girls as players and as people - and he wants them to succeed on and off the field. Any team at any level would be fortunate to have him!"

Chris McCullough, Vice President & General Counsel
Wayzata, MN

“Amazing Experience for our daughter. Highly Recommend!”

Robert Cardenas, Henderson NV parent

“Our daughter has trained with Striker Elite for 2 months now. We have seen an improvement in her ball skills, confidence level and enjoyment in the game. Coach George trains the “whole” athlete not just their skills; he has a natural ability to pull out their best and get them to believe in themselves. Our daughter can’t wait to go to training each week!”

Heidi Dalbec, Las Vegas NV parent

"George is one of the most effective trainers i’ve ever worked with. He pushes me to work my hardest on and off the field. His training has helped make my game more dynamic. Along with being fun, George has helped me gain confidence to believe in myself. I can see improvements made within the past couple of months. I can always count on him to give me solid soccer advice."

Skye McMillon, Washington State University Women's Soccer

Jewel Padilla, 2003 AZ Arsenal ECNL

“SE Soccer Academy is the real deal for taking your game and training to the level that most others aren't.  Kudos to Coach George for sharing his passion to develop the player as a whole and sincerely guiding them through the process.” ~ Emily Francone, Tuscon, AZ parent

 "She is looking forward to training with you!!!  Her excitement after last weeks session was unreal!  Thanks again!" ~Scott Radomski, Scottsdale, AZ parent 

Jewel Padilla, '03 Arsenal SC ECNL - Phoenix, AZ

When you find a trainer so dedicated to making your soccer player a better one he brings in the legendary Carli Lloyd and Coach James Galinas for a private skills camp! 

Tiffany Manley, Albion SC Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

A huge thank you to George Nahorski and Striker Elite Soccer Training for organizing a fantastic camp with Carli Lloyd and Coach James Galanis that was a year in the making. 

That fact that your event included more than 120 players all from multiple local clubs was a huge bonus and showed that our collective love for the sport can transcend the boundaries created by the colors we wear on game day. 

Thank you very much to Carli Lloyd and Coach Galanis for spending more than two hours talking with the players and answering many of their questions. Your insights on the game and the mindset needed to succeed is invaluable.  This experience is something these players will remember for the rest of lives. 

Thank you again George and Striker Elite for putting this together and elevating youth soccer in Las Vegas!

Albion SC Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

"From the first day I met you at that parent team meeting thing, I could see your passion for this game on your face.  I didn't care that much about soccer and didn't think twice that I could actually be good.  But after that first training session with you, I could see why you fell in love with this game and I could feel myself falling in love too. You taught me things I never knew before.  I remember one time you told me you were going to make me a forward and I didn't believe you.  Look at me now! You took me under your wing and there is no way I can ever repay you.  To me, you are one of the most important and influential people in my life.  Without you, I wouldn't be who I am today.  George, you have taught me so many things like how to shoot properly, gain confidence, be a leader and most importantly, how to be a good person. I picked up on that just by watching you and your daily life.  So my piece of advice for you is to not change yourself out west. The person you are is perfect and anyone would be blessed just to have you in their life like I have. I see you more than just my coach, but as a friend.  Someone I can go to in a time of need.  If I haven't said it before, thank you so much for all of the soccer skills and life lessons you have taught me.  I will cherish them forever.  You are going to change lives, just like you have mine."

Samantha Hanlon, '02 Fusion SC Plymouth MN
Robbinsdale High School

“Striker Elite surpassed all of my expectations. My daughter trained with George this past summer and she has improved tenfold. Not only with her agility, ball control and coordination, but also her confidence and passion for the sport. I would strongly encourage anyone that has the desire to become a better all around soccer player sign up for Striker Elite! George is outstanding!!”

Tiffany Mickelson Peterson, parent

"Sloane made the freshman team at Coronado! We cannot Thank You enough for all your help!"

Chris Vuckovic, Henderson NV parent

Scottsdale, AZ parent

Inspiring players Nationally
Emily C, Boston Massachusetts


Dear George & Tracy,

"I'm so thankful that you were brought in my life and for all the things you have taught me. You've changed me for the better. I hope the move went well."

Samantha Hanlon, SE Trainee

"Hey Coach! I just wanted to let you know that I got invited this summer to be a part-time DA player.  I feel you really contributed to my development over the last few months.  I just wanted to Thank You.  And, Thank You for working with me and inspiring me to become a better player!"

Daphne Egelhoff, Albion 05 player

Thank you Chris Fry!

"It all started a few years ago when one of my best friends Frank Lazarra introduced me to George Nahorski from Striker Elite. I knew from the minute I met him this was an unselfish man doing things the right way for the right reasons! For the Kids. We instantly became friends and I am Grateful for that. Thank you George & Tracy Nahorski for all of your efforts and sacrifices you’ve made all year to put on the best most unbelievable soccer camp anybody can possibly imagine! Becoming part of the Striker Elite Family is one of the most amazing things that has happened for Izzy! Thank you for creating the perfect atmosphere for building Champions Where we all fly one color ! Here there is no A team or B team. Here we are Striker Elite and these kids are coming after the Soccer World Full Force. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for Izzy and the rest of the Striker Elite Members! Striker Elite Forever!"

Chris Fry, President Premier Glass and Mirror, Inc

Izzy Fry pictured with Carli Lloyd, 2018 Striker Elite Pro Camp

"Dear George, you have been such an amazing person to me. You have helped me so much with my confidence and skills and nobody has had such belief in me.  I will always have a place for you in my heart."

Esa Cullinan, '02 Fusion SC Plymouth, MN
Wayzata High School

"I am going to miss you when you go off to Nevada.  I remember our summer trainings practicing shooting and special drills. It all payed off! I still think back to the game where I scored a hat trick after we just spent one of our summer trainings shooting.  Thank You for helping me improve greatly as a soccer player and always believing in me.  I've had so much fun with you as my coach, you got me to the next level in soccer and now I'm with a higher team. Thanks for being the best coach I could ever ask for!"

Krista Johnson, Fusion SC/Wayzata HS

"Training with Striker Elite has easily been one of the best decisions we have made for our daughter. She is playing a level up from when she started 5 months ago. Her confidence has grown on and off the field. Her trainers have pushed her out of her comfort zone and into a new skill level. When she practices on her own she knows exactly what she wants to work on and how to do it. Can’t wait to see what the next 5 months bring."

Danna Losse, St. George Utah parent

"George helped me when I was in a rough patch of my soccer life.  He saw potential in me and he never let it go.  He trained me until I was at the highest level.   He is an excellent trainer.  He really puts his heart, soul, and time into training his players.  Striker Elite has grown into an amazing place to train and learn new skills.  He helps all of his players learn and use important skills.  He really loves the game of soccer.  I will miss him dearly."

Kate Hansen, Shattuck-St. Mary's Women's Soccer

I’m so happy with the progress I’ve seen since my daughter started training with Striker Elite. She’s become more confident when taking her shots and loves the training. George’s trainings are both fun and effective.

Elena Link, Las Vegas NV parent

"I'm not really sure where to start but I have learned more from you than I could have ever hoped. You always push me to my limits and you are one of my biggest role models.  You wanted to start your own soccer company, so you did.  You dropped everything to follow your dreams.  Even after you move, I am going to continue to act like you are still here.  I will always ask myself, "What would George want me to do" and go from there.  I remember the first time I met you, I began to realize that you just loved the sport. After a few training sessions, I realized you were gonna be the the best coach ever. I had learned more from you over that summer than I ever had with any of my other coaches.  But one of my favorite things that you taught me, was that you showed me how to believe in myself.  I never had a coach who cared enough about me to tell me the things I needed to work on, but when I met you, you helped me to understand soccer on a whole new level.  You showed me how to go goal, you helped me fix my shot, you told me what I needed to improve on.  To me, that was the best thing I could have ever asked for. You are the greatest coach I could have ever asked for and I want to thank you for everything that you have done for me, it means the world to me."

Sam Fritz, Fusion SC , Wayzata, MN
Providence Academy

“My daughter began training with George this summer and I’ve already noticed a significant improvement in her ball skills and confidence. George is such a positive coach, and he really inspires her. While she loved playing soccer before, she rarely practiced on her own, outside of team practices, but since working with George, she now practices every day. George’s passion both for soccer and for coaching in particular is evident. I love the thought he puts into the drills, which are both fun as well as helpful, and most of all I love the positive way he makes corrections and adjustments. I highly recommend Striker Elite, and George Nahorski in particular if your player is looking to improve her/his skills.”

Kelly Stampe Gaez, Henderson NV parent

“Our daughter had the opportunity to sub up a year for George’s team and she learned so much in just one game that we signed her up for his Striker Elite Program. In a very short time she was expanding her abilities and built a confidence level beyond our expectations. She has always been a higher level player but Striker Elite brought her even higher. She just started 7th grade and is a starter for her High School varsity team. We believe in Striker Elite!”

Paul & Barb Hansen, Minneapolis MN parents

“My daughter plays college soccer on scholarship.  This past summer she had the privilege of playing for George with the Apple Valley U19 team.  I was greatly impressed, not only with George’s knowledge of the game and his ability to convey that to the young women on his teaM, but also the individual attention that he gave my daughter.  She’s definitely a better player with her college team this fall and is seeing much more playing time than she did last year.  We owe a lot of that to George.

Jim Michels, Minneapolis MN parent

“George’s training took my game to the next level.  My foot speed improved noticeably after every session, and George provided me with the tools to take it even further on my own time.  Along with foot speed, the accuracy of my shot, juggling skills, work rate, confidence, and many other aspects of my game progressed with each training session.  George’s drills are great for any level of play, because they focus on the basics, but add in difficult aspects as suited to the player.  As a collegiate player who has worked with many coaches over the years, I recommend George’s training to every player looking for an encouraging coach, and a way to reach a whole new level of play.”

Sydney Eckert, Former Collegiate Player  – Viterbo University

My daughter has been training with Striker Elite for a few months. She loves soccer and enjoys training but the first time she trained with George the light came back on! Her confidence rose and the ambition to give it all she has and then give it some more was there. Thanks Striker Elite!

Samantha Sherratt, St. George Utah parent


“Thank you George for everything you've done and how great you've always been. Thank you for letting me play up with your team over the summer and being so supportive and letting me come to practices, and also inviting me to Striker Elite.  It has been so much fun, I've improved so much since the summer and it's all because of you and your coaching and the effort you put into us. You're the best coach I have ever had. Thank you for everything!"

Christa Fabel, Wayzata MN

“My daughter has been training with Striker Elite all winter and currently this spring. The instruction is top notch. George keeps every player moving and playing the entire session. What this program has that I completely appreciate, is the positive approach. The trainers keep the play going and help players by correcting mistakes, but it is all done with encouragement. Because of this, my daughter wants to continually improve, she wants to work hard at home on her own and looks forward to practicing with Striker Elite each and every time. They are consistently pushed to do better and they are all doing better. My daughters confidence in her play has skyrocketed, which in the end, has made her an even better player. So pleased we have found Striker Elite.”

Lisa Grunke Eidenshink, Minneapolis MN parent

“Since working with George I have improved on my foot speed as well as having a better touch on the ball, which is very important in soccer. We did various drills that incorporated many different skills at a time and helped focus on the basics to help me improve. George’s positive attitude always kept me motivated, which drastically improved my confidence on and off the field. Over the course of the summer, I have found myself improving on many aspects of my game including, pass accuracy, power shots, foot speed, first touch and many others. During our training sessions he focused on what I need to improve on and was very open and flexible about the times of our trainings and genuinely seemed like he wanted to be there to help. Overall, George was a positive influence on my game and I recommend him as a coach to anyone who is committed to getting better at soccer.”

Maria Michels, Former Collegiate Player  – Viterbo University

“We were glad to have this option available at the school!  We were looking into camps and clinics to keep our daughter active between soccer season.

So happy this program fit perfectly for us. A continuation of the program with more sessions would be great. Allison comes home after each session with a great attitude and a story to tell about what happens during Futsal. Keep up the good work George!”

Susan Siriouthay, parent

"George, Thank you so much for inviting me to be in Striker Elite! Over this fall and winter, I have become such a better player. I am glad I met you! Thank you for all you have done for me. I feel now I am the best player I have ever been. And once again, Thank You!"

Maya Eidenschink, Wayzata, MN/Fusion SC

"My daughter has enjoyed training with Stiker Elite over the past year. She has greatly improved her skills and confidence. We appreciate all that they do!"

Angie Franck Fritz, Minneapolis MN parent

“George Nahorski has a strong passion for the sport of soccer.  He is a patient Coach that gives constructive criticism followed up with corrective skill adaptations.  George has provided my daughter with the necessary skills that has improved her shooting and foot speed as well as given her confidence to be a better athlete.”

April Elmer, Minneapolis MN parent

“Striker Elite has transformed my soccer skills and has been incredibly helpful in building my endurance, foot skills, agility, and strength. Specific feedback is given that helps each individual player grow in areas that they need. “Coach George has really helped my gain confidence in one v one situations. I have gotten better at taking a player on in games and attacking stronger.  He’s really helped my shot improve too and his training has been very helpful to me as a player. Highly recommend training with Striker Elite, lots of fun and the best individual and group training I’ve experienced.”

Megan Graham, Collegiate Player  – UW LaCrosse

"My son started training with Striker Elite couple months ago and it’s amazing the difference it’s made! His footwork, touch on the ball, and most important the confidence and passion for the sport that George has been able to pull from my son has been most exciting to watch! Best part for me as a mom is that my son looks forward to each private training with George… he has a great time while at the same time improving his skills. I highly recommend Striker Elite!!"

Elena Tapia, Henderson NV parent 

​”Thank you for offering Futsal to Lakeville Middle Schools this year. It’s been great to have that consistency with training and give kids the opportunity to develop their skills during the off season. Your program has been challenging, fun and so convenient since it’s offered right after school. I asked Ethan is he wanted to sign up for your spring session and he said YES right away. That says a lot! We appreciate the experience and enthusiasm you bring to Lakeville!”

Barb Buchholz, parent

“We brought our daughter to George for a little extra push before high school tryouts. He is great with her and she really looks forward to working with him. We could see improvement after the first day of training. George is a high energy and positive coach. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about soccer. His love for the game is immediately evident upon meeting him.  I fully expect that our daughter will be training with George for years to come.”

Chad & Erin Hollister, parents​

“My daughter has been playing travel soccer for 11 years, and George Nahorski was one of the best coaches she ever had.  I was really impressed with both his knowledge of the game and his ability to relate to the players.  George spent extra time working with my daughter, tailoring drills and training based on what she wanted to improve on.  She greatly improved her foot speed, defensive tactics, and the accuracy of her shot as a result of working with George.  The confidence she built as a result of working with George has definitely made her a better player.”

Dan Eckert, parent and MYSA soccer coach 

“​I would like to take a moment to say, “Thanks” for organizing and coaching the Futsal Club at McGuire Middle School. It was exciting to see the sport of futsal come to life in the south metro.  Hopefully, through continued clubs, people will realize that futsal is a sport and that we are not mistakenly saying “football.”  We appreciate your efforts to bring the three middle schools together for the common interest in such a wonderful sport for boys and girls.  The skills they learned in futsal will help enhance their play on the field this spring.  Thanks again for your time.”

Sarah Hutter, parent

“Very helpful! I play soccer at the University of Wisconsin Stout and during off-season (Summer) I like to have a couple sessions a week with George! He helps me stay on top of my game with new and unique ways of instruction!”

Kelli Elmer, Collegiate Player – UW Stout

“We highly recommend George Nahorski as a soccer coach & soccer trainer. Our daughter, Lily had a tremendous experience while having George as her coach at the U10 level. Lily really looks forward to her time with George and feels she is a stronger player after only a few sessions. George knows the game well and knows what skills are needed to succeed. He honed in on where Lily could use some added focus and got right to work. He provides constructive coaching and encourages Lily and all the girls to push themselves beyond there comfort zone to be better players. His style is sincere and honest; tough when he needs to be and positive to keep them motivated and working hard. He’s a genuinely nice guy who loves the game and his passion for soccer is contagious.” Thanks again, George

Lily, Tony & Jenny Hedberg

“Ashley has been training with Striker Elite small groups and in a few short weeks I can already see she has gained more confidence in her ball handling and decision making on the field. Thanks George”

Barbara Balfour, Henderson NV parent